What is Apex

Apex builds upon the new purpose and meaning you find in 'Focused Living'. This is a weekend that will help you gain perspective on your life and climb to a new understanding of what it is that God is calling you to contribute for His kingdom. Apex will help you clarify your best contribution as a leader, the core functions you use to make a unique impact, along with how to best contribute in all the domains of your life. By clarifying contribution, you begin to experience greater personal fulfillment and increased Kingdom influence. Apex will help you develop a decision-making grid that gives you the tools to navigate and make decisions in the second-half of your journey, and set you on the course to finish well as a leader. 


Friday, October 20th, 6-9pm, dinner starts at 6pm and Saturday, October 21st, 9am-4pm

$45 per person

*Childcare is not provided for this event

For more info, contact the church office at 343.6006