Want to learn to better help others in their development? Want to help them be the best version of themselves: the version God intended? Join us as Andrew Burchett teaches four core skills using the C.O.A.C.H model. Move beyond trying to solve people’s problems to helping others discover the answers God was already at work providing. Help people take more ownership and responsibility for their steps forward and become less dependent on others. Become more effective in one-on-one settings, whether for coaching appointments or casual conversation Gain mastery of a simple, coaching pathway that can be easily introduced to others. This training is not just about acquiring skills. It's experiential. You will learn the skills of coaching by coaching. And, at the same time, you will experience the value of coaching as you receive coaching for yourself during the event. After this two-day workshop, participants will be better able to: Listen actively so others feel understood Expand awareness through asking questions that initiate a change of thinking Identify the core issue that holds an individual back Design SMART action steps that will actually be accomplished Jesus called all of us to “make disciples”. Let’s learn to better do it together.

Jesus called all of us to “make disciples”. Let’s learn to better do it together. 

When is it?

Friday Nov. 9th,from 6-9pm, Saturday Nov. 10th from 9am-4pm.


$45.00 (includes Workbook, Dinner Friday night and snacks on Saturday.)
Childcare cost $8.00 per child. (space is limited to 16 children)