Come deepen your relationship with God!

New adult classes launch September 8th. 

Classes run from 9am-10:20am on Sunday mornings.
All are free, except for Financial Peace materials (see below).
Follow the signs on September 8th to the class of your choice.

Dave Duncan..jpg


Dave Duncan teaches this brand-new class designed to help you confidently share the good news of God’s grace with others. The class will introduce you to simple illustrations that graphically tell the story of Christ. It will also look at the most frequently asked questions raised by non-Christians. Come learn to be a bold witness for Jesus!

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This class is designed to help give Christians the tools we all need to grow strong in Christ. Taught by Devin Tarr, the class provides an overarching view of the Christian life and answers such critically important questions as: Who is God really? What is His big plan? How do I spend time with Him? How do I study the Bible? What future steps can I take to grow in my faith? The class gives an excellent foundation for building a solid Christian life.


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Exploring the wonders of our salvation
(Room 435 -
Room change from 1500 Youth Center)

Tom Mount leads this new class, which looks at the stunning array of ways the Bible talks about what the triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—has done to heal, restore and redeem us. From declaring us “not guilty” to adopting us into His family to putting the divine DNA in us so that we are united to Him, the scope of biblical images is breathtaking and will increase your assurance of the Father’s love and deepen your love and appreciation for Him. Come join us! Click to downloard Verses for class, Salvatation graphic, Class notes wk-1.


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Financial Peace – Library in the Children’s Building

This nine-week class uses the critically-acclaimed materials by Dave Ramsey to teach you a proven strategy to budget your money, pay off debt and save for the future. The DVD series is fun and informative. Ramsey has found that participants, on average, save $2700 and pay off $5300 in debt during the first 90 days of implementing the strategy. There is a $129.99 materials fee, which includes access to Dave’s online resources for one year. Register and pay online here .

Bring your materials to the first class. Runs 9 weeks.