'He Said She Said' Marriage Retreat Weekend

Equipping couples to build lifelong, loving communication

Learning to communicate with your spouse begins with understanding yourself: who are you (your identity in Christ), what you stand for (the values you have decided to defend in life), how you tick (how God created you and molded you through your life events to interact with the world around you)?  This is your Brand.  You have spent years developing that Brand.  Marriage is a merger of two Brands learning how to work successfully together for the benefit of both.  

Once we learn who we are, we can begin to build our Brand together. When we understand our Brand clearly, we can communicate free from fear and frustration.  Our intention is to give each couple the tools to understand their own personal brand and to create platforms for meaningful communication to occur which, in turn, builds your unique Brand of marriage.

This year we are offering Two SESSIONS!  

Where: Youth Center, Neighborhood Church


1.0 Will be focusing on the tools for communicating with your spouse. When you know yourself better, you know how to teach your spouse to communicate with you better.  

1.0 Session Details:
Date: Thursday, November 2nd
Time: 6 pm - 10 pm
Cost: $49 per couple to cover the test and snacks


Once registration is complete, you will be emailed with a link for you and your spouse to take a personality assessment.  It will include a code for each of you. The test will only take about 10 minutes per person.  We believe that the first step to improving communication is to understand yourself.  With that in mind, the responses you receive from this tool will be the focus for the marriage weekend. 

Below are a few helpful tips while taking the test:

  • Take it as soon as you open the email as most people will forget within 24 hours of opening that document
  • Answer each question within a few seconds using your initial gut reaction
  • Once complete, you will each be emailed your own personal profile.  This can serve an an invaluable tool for building communication with your spouse
  • Please take the time prior to the retreat to go over your profile and begin understanding yourself better. This will be the first step in improving your couples communication


2.0 We will be expanding further on last year’s marriage retreat. The weekend session will be more interactive with other couples and give you the opportunity to implement the tools given last year AND we will add a few new elements to take your understanding of the marriage relationship to the NEXT LEVEL!  

2.0 Session Details:
Date: November 3rd - November 4th
Time: Friday 6:00 pm - Saturday 5:00 pm
(Includes dinner Friday night and continental breakfast Saturday morning)
Cost: $35 per couple


1. Did not attend last year?  Register for both the 1.0 session to get the tools of communication with your spouse & the 2.0 session to implement them and grow and interact with other couples.  

2. Attended last year but you'd like to retake the DISC PROFILE to get a refresher on last years material? Register for the 1.0 and attend or work on your profiles at home. 

3. Can only attend 1.0?   Register for that session, attend in Thursday and create your own personal implementation with your spouse at another time.  

4. Attended last year, happy with your results, but you'd like a refresher on the material?  Register for the 1.0 for just $5 and attend on Thursday.

5. Attended last year and you're ready for the implementation and interactions with other couples?  Register for 2.0 and well see you Friday and Saturday.

When you sign up we will need an email address from each registrant. Couples will receive an email once they register with the full schedule of events for Friday and Saturday.


    We believe God created marriage to be a beautiful expression of the relationship of the Trinity! The deeper we go in understanding each other and pouring into the strength of our marriages, the more we can understand the fullness of God and live that understanding in a way that draws others to the Lord.