R.E.A.L. M.E.N. 

Men, you are invited to join us at one of two different times...

  • Wednesdays at 6:30am at 'Beatniks' Coffee House
  • Thursdays at 6:30am at 'It's a Grind' Coffee House

For the most up to date information check the 'Real Men' Facebook Page.

The name R.E.A.L. M.E.N. is an acrostic for these characteristics:

  • R – Relationships – It’s about Community - connecting individuals to God, and then individuals with each other to create family. Breaking down barriers that the world creates. Choosing to love across generational lines, social boundaries, or other ways that isolate people.
  • E – Empower Others for Ministry - It’s not about a select few standing on a stage doing the work, telling everyone what to do. It is about involving others, walking along side of them. Helping them to discover their gifts and helping them to “get into the game” themselves.
  • A – Authenticity – We need to act in alignment with how God created us and how He sees us. This admittedly is a journey or process that we will be on our whole life. Phonies are spotted a mile away, especially by the younger generations. It is ok to not know it all. By admitting the obvious, it allows us to bring others into the loop and helps grow more relationships in a natural way. Also by telling ourselves the truth about our self, it helps us grow as well.
  • L – Listening to Others – Active listening is the key to Loving – if we don’t really listen to what the other person is saying, then we’re pushing our agenda on them and we do not love well – or at all. Active listening does not mean you have to agree with what they are saying, but it does mean that the other person feels heard. Listening and loving are the soil that relationships grow in.
  • M – Mission – All of the above steps sound good, important and even necessary, but they all could be found in different businesses, service groups, clubs, or even cults. Our mission is what sets us apart – we are to extend God’s Kingdom, his Realm, to others. We are His ambassadors of transformation, redemption and healing for individuals, families, neighborhoods or people groups, cities, regions and whole nations. And ultimately his Realm will extend to the whole world. “… As on Earth, as it is in Heaven…”
  • E – Engage - We need to be actively engaged with our wife, kids, co-workers or friends and not just live out our closest relationships on autopilot being present in body, but absent in all the ways that matter. Turn off the TV, computer, cell phone sometimes and actually talk with those in your life.
  • N - Neighborhood – we are to “bloom where we are planted”. Ministry doesn’t just happen at Neighborhood Church. Our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces are where we spend most of our time. These places are vital, important places of ministry. Although God might call some to minister in far off lands, He has placed each of us and equipped us so we can extend His kingdom in “our Neighborhood”.