Here’s the skinny...
FOR SUNDAY Aug. 11, 2019

1. Butte County Prays
Our day to pray is this Wednesday, August 14th. Time slots are still available at  August prayer guides are available at the red table in the lobby.

2. Come Grow Spiritually!
On September 8th we begin our new slate of adult discipleship classes designed to deepen your relationship with God.  Most run six weeks from 9-10:20am on Sunday mornings.  They are:
· “New Beginnings” - Devin Tarr
· “Financial Peace University” (nine weeks)  Dave Dahlberg
· “Exploring the Wonders of Our Salvation” - Tom Mount
· “How to Share Your Faith” - Dave Duncan
· Explorers Class meets every Sunday at 9am 

3. Partnership Face to Face
Interested in knowing more about Neighborhood Church & considering being “all in” in this family? Join us Tuesday, Sept. 10th, 6:30 - 8:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Sign up at the red table in the lobby for the meeting and childcare, or register online at Last day to sign up for childcare is Sept. 3rd.

4. Inter-Generational Women’s Bible Study
Whether you are someone who feels lost when trying to study the Bible on your own or you have had years of practice, this in depth study into the book of Judges is for you! Wed. nights, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Sept. 4th - Nov. 15th. Workbook $8, call Karen King at 530.519.1517 or come to the red table in the lobby for more details. 

5. Paid Childcare
We are looking for paid childcare workers for events that are coming this fall. If interested in applying for a position, please contact Tami at

6. Fall Workshops
· Coaching - Sept. 27th - 28th. Join Andrew
Burchett as he teaches four core skills using the I.D.E.A. model. After this two day workshop, participants will be better able to listen more actively so others feel understood, become more effective in one on one settings whether at work, home or casual conversations.  · Focused Living - Nov. 15th - 16th.  Ever wonder “what great things God has in mind for you to do?”  Are you ready to get more vision for your future? This interactive workshop will show you where God has been at work in your life, your core values and much, much more. Open to ages 20 and older.
For more information on the workshops including cost, see the red table in the lobby or online at 

7. Love Revolution Conference
Gaylord Enns will be sharing about the command of Christ to love one another.  Come receive a fresh awareness and understanding of God’s love for you and expect to learn new ways of placing love as a priority as you follow Jesus.  Sept., 20th - 21st at Neighborhood Church.  Sign up at the red table in the lobby or online at  Early bird pricing $39/person & $76/couple ends Aug. 15th. Lunch will be provided. This event is sponsored by Empowered Ministry School. 

8. Book Sale
We are cleaning out our library in the Children’s building. Pop by after service, paperbacks are $0.50, hardbacks $1.00.

9. Sunday Gate Closure
The gates are locked at 1:30pm on Sundays. If you wish to leave your car here to go to lunch, please make sure that you park outside the gates, also please do not park on Cramer Lane on Sundays.