A Call to Serve

Mission Cottage.jpg

Upon visiting the missions cottage that is getting a serious facelift on our campus, I was struck by how long a vision can survive. 

It was 45 years ago that Pastor Ken Backlund had a vision for housing Alliance missionaries on our church grounds.  The house was built by a young Marvin Root, with help from scores of volunteers.  The first use of the house was for a family who worked on staff in the office and on the grounds.  Over the years the church realized that it was helpful to have someone on the grounds, but the purpose for the house serving as a respite for international workers took a back seat to practical needs.  The Blumert family and the Emmons family called this cottage “home” for many years as they served on our church staff. 

As the years went by, the house also served as a classroom for Chico Christian School and later was a counseling center.  A young missionary intern couple named Phil and JJ Knoch moved into the home as they served their “home assignment” on our church staff.  Their little family included a three year old named Abby, who made friends with our maintenance man, Scott, who lived in the home for 14 years as well.  After the Knochs were launched onto the mission field, there were some youth interns who lived there before half the house sat empty waiting for its’ original purpose to resurface. 

It is so exciting to see this house we are calling a cottage being remodeled and updated to house Alliance missionaries perpetually after the construction is completed.  The first missionary family to move back in is the only missionary family who called it home – the Knochs.  To make room for a larger family, both halves of the house are being used to house a teenage version of little Abby, along with her siblings. 

As we are remodeling, we are planning to have the ability to house two couples, giving us flexibility with an adjoining door, to have two separate living units if there is a need.  We are trying to plan to be as flexible as the workers that we will host who are coming here on their “furlough” year to rest, fundraise, and prepare to go back overseas for another set of years. 

We are doing a ton of work, and the Lord has been incredibly faithful to provide.  We need your help.  Would you be willing to come and donate some time to help make this project a reality?  Our time is short, and if you are interested in coming to serve will you send us an email? 

Email us at:  ncmissionhouse2018@gmail.com

There are set times on Sundays and Fridays to serve, but depending upon your availability and what we need done – we can find a time for you to come and help! 

We have the Knochs moving in this July!   Come experience the joy of serving! 

Andrew Burchett- Lead Pastor