Assessment tools

Below you will find links to four proven assessments that we encourage everyone at Neighborhood Church to take as part of their spiritual growth path. Knowing your temperament, strengths, pathways, and gifts can help you enormously as you grow in your faithfulness in living an obedient lifestyle of discipleship. A brief description of each assessment is followed by a link to a website, where you can complete the assessment online or download a copy.

  • Meyers-Briggs temperament assessment: this well known and respected tool helps you understand your temperament based on four measurements: (1) where you get your energy (extroversion/introversion); (2) how you gather information (sensing/intuition); (3) how you make judgments (thinking/feeling); and, (4) how you relate to the external world (judging/perceiving). Take the assessment online and download the informative materials for free. Be sure to record your score for safekeeping.
  • StrengthsFinder: This immensely helpful resource helps you identify your five signature strengths and provides lots of helpful suggestions about how to use them. There are three steps: (1) purchase a new copy of the book (the Amazon link is found below); (2) use the access code provided in the book (there is an envelop in the back containing the code) to access the assessment; (3) take the online assessment and download your results. The book goes into additional detail about each of your strengths.

  • Spiritual pathways: This assessment is an adaptation of Gary Thomas’ helpful Sacred Pathways material. Download the assessment from the link below. Print it, complete the assessment per the instructions, then tally your results. Your highest two or three highest scores indicate your pathways: the way you tend to naturally connect with the Lord.

  • Spiritual gifts: This assessment will help you identify your spiritual gifts. Keep in mind it is not infallible. The best way to verify your gifting is to examine the fruit from using that particular gift: Have you had success using it in the past? Have mature Christians told you, based on observing your ministry, that you are gifted in this way? Have others been blessed as you’ve used this gift? Does it give you great joy when using it? Do you feel God’s power when you use it.


Some other assessments you may want to consider taking are:

  • Rahe Stress test: This helpful assessment enables you to determine the amount of stress you are under based on significant life events that have occurred recently. It is a useful way to quantify your stress level and determine whether you need to take steps to protect your health.

  • Type-A test: This assessment helps you understand your level of drivenness. If you score in the Type –A category, you probably want to think of strategies to change your attitudes and behaviors to protect your health.