Remember, the most vital aspect of Spiritual Formation is your own practice of it. These resources can help guide you in your walk with God, but they will not magically transform you. They are aids for your journey, but you must walk the path. Your adventure has just begun. Enjoy!

Your identity in Christ


Christian Identity and Christian Destiny
is an outstanding, short, Biblically balanced essay by John Piper. Link

A helpful reminder of some Biblical truths about Christian identity.

A creative, short (1:38) video about finding our identity in Christ,
not in our achievements and other things. Video Link

Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson
The book is extreme in some parts and teaches a view of humans that is in some respects suspect, but overall this is an excellent resource for working though matters of Christian identity.

Your authority in Christ


The Neighborhood Church position paper on “Healing and the Authority of the Believer
endorsed by the Governing Board in January of 2012. 

Some good, Biblical reflections on the authority of believers

Spiritual rhythms (habits of the heart or spiritual disciplines)


Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
A classic handbook for spiritual growth. It gives practical guidelines for practicing 12 of the more important spiritual disciplines.

The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard

This book provides a theology for how spiritual growth proceeds. It's a helpful corrective for some modern misunderstandings of spiritual formation, showing biblically that Christian disciplines and practice are often God's primary means for changing us.

How to hear God’s voice


Is That Really You, God?  Is an autobiographical account by Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission. It narrates his journey of learning to discern God's voice in his life and ministry. A fascinating, faith-stretching read! 

How to have a quiet time


Coffee with God: A 9:03 talk about the life changing impact of having a regular meeting time with God. Very inspirational and informative! Link

How to prepare your heart for Sundays

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Principles of spiritual warfare

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Steps to freedom in Christ

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Going through hard times

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering by Timothy Keller

The meaning and practice of Holy Baptism

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Getting the most from Holy Communion

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