from Neighborhoods to the nations

Our passion is not just knowing and following Jesus, but helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our spheres of influence, in our neighborhoods, and flows to those who are searching desperately for meaning, significance, security, and love in other nations.

Short Term Missions

Most people have an experience with missions in the days of their youth through short trips to serve and bless others either in our region, or in other countries. Over the years, our church family has traveled throughout California, to New Orleans, Bulgaria, Egypt, Gabon, Mexico and Uganda. 

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Some members of our church family venture out on their own with other agencies and non-profit organizations to make a difference in the world and we enjoy praying, sending and celebrating those efforts. We have sent individuals on short term missions to South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Islands and India for a variety of different work. Please let us know if you're heading out to do missions work so we can partner with you in prayer!

Long Term Missions

One of the joys in being a part of a church body is partnering with the Lord in missions work both in the states and overseas. This includes participating in and/or sponsoring those missionaries serving overseas and supporting organizations in our community that are intentionally reaching out. Neighborhood Church is presently supporting the following missionaries:


neighborhood church is presently supporting the following Missionaries


neighborhood church has a strategic partnership with these C&MA fields