Driven by the reality that most people trust Jesus as their Savior before age 15, and that a child’s moral development is set by age nine, the church must invest early and continually in the lives of their children and their families. Since parents are the primary influence in their children’s spiritual formation, it is Neighborhood Church’s mission to partner with families to equip them for the task.

NeighborKids is the name given to children birth through fifth grade. We are a volunteer based ministry that strives to be a reflection of the larger body at Neighborhood Church.  We consider it a privilege to partner with parents and families as they grow in their faith.

What to expect: Our Sunday program is intended to be fun, safe, child centered and family focused. It is designed to include large group and small group elements. Children experience teaching and worship in large group time. Small group settings are geared for the application of the lesson and relationship building, both with peers and caring adult leaders.

Partnering with us: Being a volunteer based ministry, we have many positions available for people to serve and be connected.  While many serve in the classroom as leaders or helpers, we have a host of opportunities that make it incredibly rewarding to be a part of a team making a difference in what we believe God is trying to achieve in the heart of each child and their family.  We purposefully include our older children (6th-12th grade) in our volunteer scheduling as Interns. It is our prayer and goal that they will be given an opportunity to use their gifts to serve. We are raising up the next generation to be worshipers, tech supporters, and small group leaders. It is by design that our Interns work with an established leader for the purpose of mentoring while serving together.

Drop off/pick up: If you will be visiting with us soon, here is some helpful information to make your morning easier. All children birth through fifth grade are registered in the Children’s Education Center. You will be given a sticker with their number for the day on it.  After registering, you will escort your child/children to their respective rooms.  If your child needs you for any reason, we will text the emergency phone number you've given us. At the registration desk we have maps of our campus showing where children's classes are located. Services start at 9 and 11am; we begin checking children in 15 minutes prior.

To find out more about the Orange curriculum we use click here

If you have any questions you can contact Sue Musselman at 530.343.6006.