The leadership team at Neighborhood Church is asking for your input as we continue to plan for the future and lead our congregation.

If you call Neighborhood Church your home church, or are considering making Neighborhood Church your home, we want to hear what's on your mind — what excites you and what you find challenging — by taking this survey.

Take the Survey

Who should take the survey?

We would love to hear from each person in our congregation:

  • If you're married, we would love to hear from both of you individually.

  • If you have children or teens, we'd love to hear from them individually too.

  • If you come with your roommate, we want to hear from each of you.

How long is the survey?

The survey is only 6 questions and should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Why do you need my name?

We're asking for your name and email as part of the survey so we can keep track of the responses, as well as ensure we're hearing only from our Neighborhood Church Family.

When is the deadline to take the survey?

We need your input by Wednesday, June 26th (or sooner!)

We look forward to hearing from you so we can continue to become the church that Christ is calling us to be.

Take the Survey