The Zone (K - 6th Grade)

The Zone is located in 401 (The Fellowship Hall).  Grades K-3rd meet in the large room with 4th-6th grade upstairs.  They begin their morning with some introductory games and activities.  It is during this time that the adult leaders have the opportunity to welcome and check in with kids to find out about their week and build relationship.  Next, kids move into a Large Group time where they engage together in worship and the weekly Bible lesson.  Finally they split by grades into Small Groups where they participate in games, crafts and discussions that help them apply the truths taught in Large Group to their lives.  Each child is sent home with a God Time card.  This card has daily devotionals you can do with your children.  When you pick up your child you will receive a Parent cue.  This has the day’s lesson on it along with questions and conversation starters to help you engage your child in what they learned.

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