From the desk of Andrew Burchett...

This is a conversation I had last week with my seven year old daughter Amy, who we call, “Mimi.”


Mimi:  This is the best day ever

Dad:    Why is that?

Mimi:  I think every day is the best day ever


I have really been thinking about what my little fuzzy blonde headed daughter said in passing, for the past ten days.  What is your response to this seven year old wisdom? 


“Oh bless her heart; she just hasn’t lived enough life to know that this world is cold, cruel and hurtful.”




“She is just saying that to get attention!  All those Burchies like to say things to get a response from others… she just exaggerating so people will listen to her.”




“Did she say that because you just gave her chocolate and she is buttering you up to get a second piece?” 


None of those responses sum up where I think my daughter is coming from.  Sure, she’s a kid and she has a lot to learn, but I am learning something from her this time. 


How often are we really living life for the weekends or an upcoming vacation?  Do we view our week as something to survive and muddle through instead of days filled with opportunity and “God moments?”


Do we discount the true faith of a child or enthusiasm of a new follower of Jesus by internally or externally throwing water on the fire of their passion, zeal and faith?  Do we mutter quietly to ourselves that it’s just a matter of time before they are older, more jaded and less enthusiastic?  Are we planning on our kids and new followers of Jesus to walk into a life of adventure, a life of abundance and favor, or are we expecting them to be beaten down by society, culture and those who have been discouraged before them. 


I want to dream with God about what my neighborhood, workplace, and downtown area would look like when God is seen as the king.  I want us, as a people to take risks by praying crazy prayers and believing that God wants to do miracles in our relationships, bodies, hearts, work lives and finances.  We will be realistic - there will be very dark days, filled with very difficult circumstances.  But even so, as a church that exists to experience and share the full life that Jesus offers, I am here to say that I agree with Mimi.  When I walk with Jesus, I can say, “I think every day is the best day ever.”