From the desk of Andrew Burchett...

“Summer” Psalm


A Psalm of Andrew, singer of songs and dreamer of dreams


My heart has become dry,

Like the cracked and dusty ground.


I have tried, and I have looked up to the heavens, praying for rain.

The heat and drought have made me weary and tired.

There are no clouds filled with refreshing rain in sight.


The vultures circle silently waiting for my demise

Like the circling of my enemies and those who look to steal from me.

There are men and women who are against me and who seek to discredit me.


The silence and loneliness of this place can be deafening.

For those who aspire and have ambition to such a place,

You must realize that this can be a land of great discouragement.  


But I know that you are here.

Like the morning fog that appears without warning or fanfare.

Like the flowers that push out from seemingly invisible buds,

You appear and bring the fragrance of heaven. 


You will bring streams of living water.

The life giving liquid will rush down the gullies and ravines of my parched soul

They will bring hope, life and peace again.


As the wave of water from your throne pours into my soul,

Trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and rich shade will be provided.


So, I will wait for you, O Lord. 

I will wait for the rain of your holy presence and the visit of your Spirit.

I will wait for you, O Lord.

I will wait for you to show me where you are working.

I will wait for you, no matter how dry I feel I’ve become. 


For I know that the summer is a challenge.

The summer makes me long for the refreshing of your spirit.

The summer is just a season. 



You are invited to write your own psalm during the month of June.  Please submit your digital copy to danielblackman@ncchico.org or, if you don’t have email, bring your no larger than 8.5 x11 inch, psalm to the front office by July 5.  All psalms will be displayed in the Fellowship Hall lobby for all to enjoy.