From the desk of Andrew Burchett

These are the last days of summer.  While it is still more than warm most days, and the sunrise and the sunsets have been red and pink due to the smoke in the air from forest fires, the calendar says autumn is arriving.  The mornings are a bit cooler and kids are now back in school.  Football is returning and the leaves will soon begin turning vibrant colors.   What will the fall mean for you? 


For me, the fall represents a fresh start.  It is a time to get into a rhythm and schedule that will bring focus and habits that have somehow evaded me during the summer.  I am reworking my schedule and making sure that the most important things are in place first. 


Spiritually speaking, what will this fall bring to you?  Will you create space and time to sit with Jesus and listen for His voice?  What will you invest in your spiritual growth?  Will you budget a bit of money to buy some new worship music that will draw you into His presence, for a book that will teach you about His character, will you buy a new Bible that will get you excited about reading or set aside some time for a class or seminar? 


We are a culture that can be very short sighted in the various forms of entertainment that can fill our hours and keep us from directing our intention toward growing spiritually.  If I am not fiercely intentional in building in time and space to spend time doing things that encourage me to grow – I begin to slide back into selfish living, wanting to be constantly entertained and comfortable. 


There are opportunities our church is offering this fall to grow in your walk with God. 


1)      Sunday morning services


This seems silly to mention, but attending church is a key way to be challenged to grow in your faith.  While attendance in churches has grown more sporadic in our country, weekly involvement in corporate worship helps us grow.  When you are in town, make Sunday worship services a priority.


2)      Spiritual Formation classes


We will be offering classes on Sunday mornings beginning this September. We have a few core classes that we would love for every person at NC to go through as they make their way in their journey down the path of discipleship.


3)      Focused Living Seminar


We will offer this seminar on September 18th and 19th. More than 200 people at NC have gone through this first level seminar that helps you begin to get clear about how God has been shaping you for your future, and what He has called you to.  Go to www.ncchico.org for more information and to sign up.


4)      A new website filled with resources


We are very excited about a new, more robust web presence that will be full of links to articles, books and other resources to help you grow spiritually.  Watch for this website to launch very soon!!!


As I get into my fall schedule, I am looking forward to the habits and rhythms that help me to consistently grow closer to Jesus.  Join me in reimagining what it looks like for you to practically take steps to move forward in growing spiritually!