From the desk of Andrew Burchett...


We are coming to the end our Proverbs series during our tims on Sunday mornings and there are so many rich verses in Proverbs we didn’t have time to cover… one I’ve been pondering this week is…


Proverbs 29:18 (NASB)
18  Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.


The King James version says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  It might be the version you hear quoted most. 


That sounds dire… If I don’t get some vision (maybe a better word is revelation), I’m going to fall over and die!!!  We have different translations of the Bible that attempt to help us understand what the authors were really saying when they wrote the Bible in Greek and Hebrew.  I appreciate getting an understanding of the nuances of a verse by reading it different versions.  You can do this for free on many bible study websites like biblehub.com. 


So, back to our verse – the word the NASB and NIV translations use in this verse as a consequence of lacking vision or revelation is “unrestrained.” This is the same word used in Exodus 32:25.  The context is that Moses has gone up the mountain to meet with God and receive the ten commandments.  The people wait with Aaron (the high priest), but in the meantime they decide Moses isn’t coming back and they make an idol in the form of Golden Calf.  They begin to celebrate and worship it, and this is the roar of chaos that Moses hears as he comes off the mountain.  The NIV said that they were “running wild” and they were “out of control.”


When we don’t sit with God and wait on Him to install a vision, a picture of where He is calling us, or what He is calling us to – we are like those Hebrews who ran around wildly, out of control, worshipping silly things that are not God. 


“Vision” is a word that is used a lot of ways, but as I meditate on this verse and seek God, I believe I have a thought.  I believe vision is a divine revelation to our heart – which contains a reflection of who we are (our true identity), with a picture of moving toward the plans and dreams that God has set just ahead of us.   


Just a few thoughts on this…


·         I do not create vision for my life, God authors vision and reveals it to me

·         When I have an “aha” moment where God helps me connect the dots, there is an excitement and life to the fullest I can feel

·         I must wait on the Lord, usually alone, to get quiet enough to see what God wants me to see, and hear what He wants to tell me

·         Vision is always tied to who God created me to be, although in the process of being directed by God I may discover new parts of my heart that I didn’t know existed

·         When I am clearer on what God wants me to step into, I doubt less, risk more, and find more faith to believe that God is already working and I am just joining Him in the work He is already doing. 

·         As vision is clearer, I am not running around putting things other than God first in my life (worship), but I am more focused, less distracted and excited about the future. 


What kind of “vision” or revelation is God showing you for this fall season?  You don’t’ have to get vision for the rest of your life on earth today… this is a long-term obedience in the same direction we are living out. 


Who has God called you to be in this season? 

What has God called you to do in this season?   


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May God give you great clarity today as you seek Him and his purposes.


-Andrew Burchett

Lead Pastor