Video Cast

They say that camera adds ten pounds…


All that work to try to lose weight last year may be compromised by our new effort to help those who can’t make it on a Sundays.  Yesterday, we released our very first video podcast.  We have been using video in different ways in the past few years, and now we expand to filming and releasing our sermons online on video!


This an exciting step for us, as we try to help those who miss church engage in our teaching times from their computer screens or smart TV’s.  The goal isn’t to have a church that stays home every Sunday, but it will be helpful for the vast amount of our congregation who are visual learners who miss church and want to stay connected.  The other way that expanding to a video cast is that those who are considering coming to Neighborhood Church can get a taste of the culture and feel even before they actually come to our campus.


Expanding in this way doesn’t mean that our audio podcast will disappear; the audio recordings will still be available as well. 


We are only using one camera currently and still working on making sure we have the proper lighting for video, so it’s a work in progress.  Looking at our first run at this yesterday, I am very excited and encouraged! 


If you want to see it yourself, you can click on the following link, (http://www.ncchico.org/videocast) or just go to the ncchico.org webpage and click on “video cast.” 


I don’t know if the camera adds ten pounds to my appearance, but I don’t mind if does if the message gets out to a broader audience. 


-Andrew Burchett

Lead Pastor