What would you do Differently?

If you knew your life was going to suddenly end next week, what would you do different today? 

As I drove down the hill two weeks ago pondering the loss of one of the spiritual sons of Neighborhood Church at only 30 years old, this was the question that my soul was asking.  Certainly I was grieving, but I also believe that the Lord was speaking to me and telling me that my life wouldn’t be the same.  The realization that I would do some things differently in my life this week if I knew I was going to die next week was palpable.  It was the Holy Spirit giving me a bitter pill of reality and dissatisfaction with how I am using my influence, loving others and leaving important things unsaid.  

In processing these past two weeks I have determined to be bolder in my speech, to not be afraid of ruffling feathers, and make sure I share with others the beauty I see in them – even if it’s awkward. 

It was in the context of a pastors meeting yesterday where I took a risk and shared publically with our chief of police how proud we are of how he has done his job.  I was honored to be a small part of the hiring process a few years ago, and I wanted to honor him.  It felt strange because we assume that if we say, “I’m proud of you,” we have to be older, more mature, have a position of influence or be a parental figure.  None of these things were true as I spoke these words out yesterday, but it was so right that I mention this to the chief in the presence of others.  It didn’t feel comfortable because it’s new.  We are behaving our way into living like Jesus, and sometimes it’s not going to feel natural. 

If you listen carefully when I speak, you will hear a difference.  The Lord is growing me in a lot of ways and I am excited to see what this next season holds.  I know that who I am today will not be who I am becoming.  There will be more grace in my speech as I grow.  There will be a more loving posture I will take.  I will walk in the peace that Jesus gives, as I fight with all my might to make Him known. 

I am not the same. 

I’m a new creation, that’s being transformed day by day by the Holy Spirit. 

As you ask this question,

…If you knew your life was going to suddenly end next week, what would you do different today?... 

May God show you new ways you can grow and be changed! 

-Andrew Burchet, Lead Pastor