From the desk of Andrew Burchett...

Have you ever had a good coach? 

 Maybe you played a sport and loved the leader that was positioned to help you become the athlete that you wanted to be.   Good coaches inspire and draw the good things out of you that may be buried underneath layers of insecurity and beliefs that you aren’t good enough or can’t be successful.   When you have a good coach you feel like you have an extra mom or dad in your life that cares for you, listens to you and encourages you to go further and be better than you ever dreamed of being.   They often have more faith than you do, and because of their strong belief, you begin to believe yourself. 

 We place a high value on pouring into the lives of others here at Neighborhood Church.  We want to walk with the younger generations; we feel we have the privilege of walking alongside them as “mothers” and “fathers”, encouraging them to become all God made them to be. As I’ve often said: we don’t have to know everything to significantly influence others. We simply need to be good listeners, loving friends and wise “coaches.”

 As one who has attended Terry Walling’s Coaching Workshop at other churches and at Fuller Seminary, I am thrilled that we have him secured to do a workshop at Neighborhood Church for our key leaders on November 6-7! I’m writing to ask you to please come to it. This is so important that the church is absorbing most of the costs: you can attend for just $20. Space is limited. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Detailed information is below.

 The model of coaching that Terry teaches is accessible and uses skills that I use in conversations every day. The time I spent learning these skills has changed the way I relate to people and how I do ministry. Terry is warm, engaging and creates a safe learning community in which to learn and grow. It’s not a bunch of lecturing. You learn specific skills and practice them with others at your table. And, I found that I got clarity on a few of my own issues while others around my table practiced coaching me. Coaching is not about teaching. It’s about drawing out what is already inside the other person.

 Please make every effort to attend this incredibly important workshop. You will be changed and equipped to better help others!

 In Christ’s love - 



When?           6-9pm Friday; 9am-4pm Saturday

Where?          The Neighborhood Church Youth Center

Register?       Go to www.ncchico.org/coaching-workshop. Please do it soon!

Please note: Regrettably, we are unable to provide childcare for this event