From the desk of Andrew Burchett...

What would it be like to work out of a place of rest? 


No, I’m not talking about a tele-commuting position that enables you to lounge in bed while you do your work.  I’m not trying to be overly spiritual or act like I’ve got this figured out.  In the past year, this thought has been rolling around in my head and I have been trying to approach my job, relationships and life a bit differently. 


What have I stumbled upon in this way?  Only a few things… 


I have learned that praying as soon as you wake up for your day, even before your feet swing out of bed is a good habit to reinforce.  I have been taking my blood pressure recently prior to getting up, and that gives me even a few more minutes to reflect and pray.  My prayers aren’t fancy, but they are real conversation with God.  This has brought a new peace to the first hour of the day, which can get away like a runaway train. 


When someone or something cancels or is later than I expected, I look around for the reason God has allowed that to happen.  This morning I was waiting for a person at the coffee shop.  When they didn’t arrive right on time, I began scanning my surroundings for the interruption or assignment that God had for me.  Sure enough, I spotted a coworker across the café, and as I approached, she said, wow, I was going to call you and ask you to pray... After she explained what she was sensing, I looked up and my friend Mike Wadlow was walking in the door.  As I waved him down to join us, I launched into praying for her, and he joined us.  It was God’s idea and I was not stressed about the tardiness of my friend.  As soon as I walked outside, I received a call from the friend I had been waiting for. 


Take the long way home.  This year I have enjoyed my reflection time alone more than any other time in my life.  I find myself stopping on the way across town, parking on the side of the road for five minutes.  In moments like that, I simply ask God questions and try to listen and discern what His answer may be.  It’s incredible how the peace from a five minute time of quiet can overflow into the rest of your day.  David Chotka, in his book, Power Praying, has encouraged us to start putting aside a time of focused prayer every day, to start with five minutes. 


Whenever you sit down, say a prayer.  This sounds funny, but whenever you get into your car, sit down for a meal, sit in your desk chair to look at finances or in your cubicle, ask the Lord to come and bring His presence and peace.  If you are a student, ask Jesus help you focus on the lecture.   When you sit down for a meeting pray a quiet prayer to help you accomplish what is on His agenda, not yours.  This practice has scattered all sorts of moments of putting my efforts in His hands, and brought rest to my soul. 


It is my prayer that these small things I have done will inspire you to find small ways that you can begin to invite God’s presence into every day, and begin to work from a place of rest.